Columbarium & Cemetery

Lac Ste Anne Catholic Parish has a beautiful, solid granite columbarium for the interment of cremated ashes of loved ones.

The columbarium has 48 niches, each of which could hold two cremated remains. Niches can be purchased from the parish for $2,000 each. The name and other information can be engraved on the cover of each niche at a price of $400, to be directly arranged with and paid to the vendor chosen by the parish.

Unfortunately, the Catholic cemetery at Lac Ste Anne is full and there is no room for additional full burials. Edmonton Catholic Cemeteries has plots available in several of their cemeteries in the Edmonton area. For those who wish to be buried in the Lac Ste Anne area (or relatives who want to bury a family member in the area) plots can be purchased in one of the County of Lac Ste Anne cemeteries. The plot itself will be consecrated by the presiding priest or deacon at the time of burial.

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