Liturgical Ministries

  • Schedulers - prepare monthly schedule for Sunday Liturgical Ministers
  • Co-ordinators – ensure all ministers present on Sundays, recruit people to bring up Offertory gifts, provide special intentions to lector
  • Lectors - Proclaim 1st and 2nd readings and Intercessions at Offertory time
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion - distribute the body & blood of Christ
  • Hospitality Ministers - greet parishioners, hand out missals and other material before Mass and receive back after Mass.
  • Music Ministers - The Lac Ste Anne Parish enjoys the participation of three choirs, each scheduled to cover the Sunday Masses. As Coordinator of the Music Ministry, Jeannette Symbaluk invites anyone to become a member of the choir to sing or accompany with an instrument.
  • Altar servers - is a lay assistant to the priest during the religious service. Attends to supporting tasks at the altar.
  • Ushers – take up collections, direct people to seats when church starts to look crowded.
  • Sacristans –set up the altar for Mass including large missals, wine, water, linens, clean and polish chalices and other vessels, etc.
  • Pastoral Care Ministers – take communion to shut-ins and others who can’t travel to church
  • Lay Leaders – lead services when no priests are available, e.g. lay Sunday Services, Stations of the Cross during lent, and others as required

Support Ministries

  • Altar, Sanctuary, and Chapel decorators – assist sacristan by decorating altar sanctuary, and chapel for Advent, Christmas, Easter, Summer, Thanksgiving, Remembrance Day, etc., and washing and cleaning of altar cloths and other sacramental linens
  • Counters – count collection receipts after Mass on Sundays
  • Groundskeepers – maintain grounds by weeding, planting, pruning, etc. (note: grass-cutting is contracted-out)
  • Building Maintainers – maintain all aspects of the building including arranging for tradespeople and others assistance who may be required